How to get YouTube Premium for Free Right Now

Hello Guys. Do you want to know how to get free YouTube premium? Then need not worry since you have landed on the right now.

YouTube Premium today is comprised of ad-free and background playback of videos and music, as well as offline downloads. An upcoming perk could give subscribers paying $11.99 one free channel membership every month.YouTube Free YouTube Premium ? How to Get Free YouTube Premium ✅ (iOS & Android)

Original 1/26: Becoming a channel member is one way to support your favourite YouTube Creators. Starting at $4.99 per month, your favourite personalities can offer perks like member-only videos, streams, community posts, or live chats, as well as custom channel badges and emoji.

Some Premium subscribers around the world — including in Australia, Canada, Germany, Norway, and Sweden — have been prompted with a snack bar about a free channel membership while browsing They are taken to a page that lets them “Choose 1 channel this month” and lists current subscriptions that offer memberships.

The fine print notes how “1 free channel membership” is worth up to $5, since certain channels offer different tier levels to join at. There is notably a red “Premium” badge next to the perk.


How to Get Free YouTube Premium  (iOS & Android) Easy Tutorial

After you have finished watching this video you will know how to get free YouTube premium accounts with a trial. So make sure you have watched this video for knowing the steps on how to get YouTube Premium for free. But as we all know sharing is the act of caring so make sure that after you have completely watched the video you share it with all your known ones. Let them also enjoy the web series by getting the YouTube premium for free with the help of this video. But to do that you are required to watch the complete video for knowing the process about how to get free YouTube premium account. It is assumed that you will easily be able to know the process of how to get YouTube Premium for free when you watch this video completely. So stop doing whatever you were doping and watch this video right away for knowing the necessary steps for getting a YouTube premium. credit: Devanzz Records

YouTube Premium Free trial options

First-time subscribers to YouTube Premium don’t need to pay before they hit play. The first time you sign up for YouTube Premium, you get 30 days before the company will charge you the first $11.99 per month fee. You can save a little money by signing up for YouTube Red before the switch to Premium on May 22, and keep the original $9.99 pricing. YouTube Premium costs $11.99 a month, but you can get it free as part of a trial or smart bundle.

A new offer for students started on Aug. 8, 2019, allowing students making new accounts to get a three-month trial of YouTube Music Premium (or YouTube Premium) — as opposed to the standard one-month trial, by visiting this site.

There’s just one big thing to note: do not sign up for YouTube Premium via the YouTube (iOS & Android Apk) app . If you do that, the discount won’t apply and you’ll never get the chance to get it since it only applies to new subscribers.

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