How to Handle Technical Difficulties During Online Lessons

Even if we are practically living in the age of technology, there is no guarantee that all conferencing platforms will function flawlessly 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Claire Macrae, Program Coordinator for Murdoch University Dubai’s Master of Education program, offers advice on what to do when technology fails in an online classroom.]

How to Handle Technical Difficulties During Online Lessons

Technology is fantastic when it works, but we all know how unpredictable it can be at times. Always have a backup plan for your lesson in case the major technology fails. If the breakout groups don’t function, having alternative options like the LMS forum for discussion, email, or another chat option if the Chat facility can’t be accessible – there are many various channels available and you may instruct them what to do/where to go.

Rather than displaying tension and irritation, a sense of humour goes a long way in convincing kids that you, too, are human! Refer to the tech as if it were a disobedient student who hasn’t turned on the lights or has left the room without permission.

This is primarily an opportunity to form a learning partnership with your students. Remember that if you’re terrified of technology, your students probably aren’t. They, like you, may be unfamiliar with the specific tools being used, but they are not afraid to explore new ones, so embrace it and utilize it to your advantage.

You should remain the subject expert, but don’t underestimate what it means for students to be the tech experts in front of their teachers – ask them for advice when things don’t go as planned or if something goes wrong. Students are far more willing to learn from a teacher who is willing to learn from them. This ability to assist the learner in becoming the teacher is a tremendous shift of focus. Of course, this opportunity for pupils to learn online will also help them build other abilities that will aid them in the long run in an increasingly virtual environment. Take advantage of this opportunity!

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