6 Things to Consider when Searching for a Master’s Degree Program

The number of students receiving a university degree increases year after year, and the subject major “business” remains a popular choice. While studying business can offer up a world of opportunities, in order to succeed in the global job market, you must learn how to stand out among the thousands of students who graduate each year.

During my time at Hult, I’ve observed that there are numerous motivators that push students to pursue a Masters degree. One interesting commonality of today’s cohorts is their desire for impact. Today’s kids are truly tearing down barriers, actively developing technology and ideas, and enacting change. A curriculum can only take you so far; to have an impact, you’ll need to accumulate experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. My advise to any student searching for the “perfect” graduate school is to learn about its beliefs. At Hult, we strive to provide a business school experience that goes beyond business; our students learn about the world, the future, and, most importantly, themselves, giving them an advantage in a fast-paced employment market.

A grade doesn’t sell you, your skills do.

A degree’s content alone is insufficient. Employers are increasingly concerned with employees’ ability to apply their knowledge and deal with real-world business circumstances. Here are my top recommendations for students considering a degree in international business:

1. Location

It is critical to consider getting market experience. Choose a city, or cities, that can provide prospects for you and your future job. Traveling may be transforming on a personal level as well.

2. The student body

A global experience includes not only where you live, but also who you learn from. Studying among students from all around the world will provide you with the awareness and knowledge required for a global profession.

3. Former students

Alums are excellent representatives of a school. Do your homework and find out where they’ve landed. At Hult, we frequently link students with alumni so they may hear personally about their experiences and build important industry connections.

4. Professors’ diversity

Who will be instructing you? Learning from lecturers with diverse backgrounds and real-world practical experience is the most effective method to learn. The theory is presented alongside real-world instances.

5. Extracurricular activities

The student experience extends beyond the classroom. The greatest method to increase your CV is to demonstrate that you made the most of your time by participating in hackathons, creating a club, and attending campus events.

6. School spirit

Select a school where you are more than a number. Achievements are the result of your efforts; a school that appreciates the entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to change will assist you on your path to success.

Choosing a Masters degree is a significant decision, but it’s also a lot of fun. Do your homework, ask questions (we’re here to help), and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to a successful career.

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