Best Way to Get Direct Download Link of Anything on Internet with FileChef

Filechef direct download links for about anything. TV Series, Movies, Books, music, softwares, games anything!! Take advantage of powerful advanced search engine at your finger tip.

By everything, I mean TV/Movies/Videos, music, books, games, software, images and lot more. See this as an advance search engine at your finger to use filechef

FileChef provides links to Direct Download from the Internet. It supports formats for videos, audios, documents and software. It harnesses the power of Advanced Search to find Open Directories on Internet.

All you need to do is download it, install it, enter your desired file name, it will lead you to the directories where it can be downloaded and you can begin your download.

It supports Android and PC… for iOS users, you can just go to

For Android users, download it here

No stress, no copy and paste… but just downloads at your finger tip.

Let us know if you’ve been using this already and if you find this post helpful.

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