How to Fix Android Black Screen of Death (BSOD)

Some of you might have experienced this, it is called Android Black screen of death (BSOD), just like we have in windows computers.

Coming across an Android black screen is one of the most terrifying situations that you can get yourself into; especially if you own an expensive device or if you can’t afford another one at the moment.  It is one of the most faced issues by many Android users.

Android Black screen of death

But there is always a way to fix issues like this depending on what is causing the BSOD.

Solution One: Allow your battery to run out of juice completely and try to charge your phone and leave it for charging for a few hours.

Solution Two: Take out the sim card, SD-card and battery from the phone and leave them for 5-10 seconds. Return the battery back to the phone and charge it.

Solution Three: If the two first solutions fail to fix your device, then you can proceed with this step by wiping cache partition

How to Wipe Cache Partition

How to Wipe Cache Partition

  1. powering off the device
  2. Press the VOLUME UP + HOME  + POWER buttons all the same time and HOLD THEM DOWN
  3. release only the POWER button when the device vibrates
  4. release the other buttons when the ANDROID SYSTEM RECOVERY screen appears
  5. using the VOLUME DOWN / UP buttons to navigate, select WIPE CACHE PARTITION
  6. Press the POWER button, which will act the ENTER key on your keyboard
  7. you will likely see some progress notes (at the bottom of the screen in small print) and after about 20 seconds it will likely show DONE
  8. you can then reboot the device and see if your problems are fixed

on some Android devices you can clear the cache through the typical user interface:


CLEAR DATA, CLEAR CACHEThe device should automatically reboot, select the reboot option if it doesn’t.

Solution Five: Factory Reset Your Device –

This will be the last step to perform, factory reset… This process will erase all the data on your android phone, but you will not be able to backup them because of the Android Black Screen Of Death.

1. Power off the device.2. Press and hold the volume down and power button until the Android System Recovery screen appears.3. Navigate using volume keys and select using the power key.4. Select Wipe data/factory reset and confirm.5. The device should automatically reboot or select the reboot option if it doesn’t.

Let us know if any of the solutions work for you.


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