Download PS4 Games Using PSX Downloader Helper {Faster}

Learn how to download PS4 Games Using PSX Downloader Helper on your laptop with Internet Download Manager then how to transfer the downloaded PS4 game from your computer to your PS4.


Fellow console user! Do you get slow download speed while downloading PS4 games on your console?

Do you somethings wish you can download PS4 Games with your laptop maybe through IDM because downloads are faster on your laptop and transfer the downloaded data to your PS4? It’s all possible and I will teach you how to do it step by step.

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In this method we are gonna grab the game data from Any server with a computer specially with IDM for better speed downloading… as if you notice some people are not very easy with PS4’s downloading speed.

Requirements/ Tools Needed

  • PC or laptop with Internet Download Manager installed.
  • LAN Cable
  • PSX Download Helper
  • PSX Link Generator
  • A working internet connection inside a smartphone, modem, MiFi or router.


Download Links

  1. PSX Link Generator – DOWNLOAD LINK
  2. Internet Download Manager – DOWNLOAD LINK


  • Connect your PS4 to the smartphone, modem, MiFi or router via WiFi and there should be an internet connection.
  • Connect your LAN cable from PS4 to the laptop.
  • Go to Network and Sharing Center on your laptop.
  • Click on Change Adapter Settings.

Using PSX Downloader

  • Select the WiFi Network that has internet access.

Using PSX Downloader

  • Right click on Properties.

Using PSX Downloader

  • Click on the Sharing tab. Under Internet Connection Sharing, tick Allow other network users… and select the Home networking connection which is the Ethernet LAN cable you connected between your PS4 and laptop earlier.

Using PSX Downloader

Step 1 done! So, what we did was to share our WiFi internet access to the LAN cable making the LAN cable carry internet access. We need that internet access to capture the download link from Sony servers.

Connecting the PlayStation 4 Console (PS4)

  • Start PSX download helper on your laptop and write the IP Address shown down somewhere. Don’t Press anything!

Using PSX Downloader

  • Go to PS4 settings, Network and Setup a new connection. Select Use a LAN Cable.

Using PSX Downloader

  • Choose Custom Settings

  • Select Automatic for all except Proxy Server. Click on Use Proxy Server

  • Insert the IP address you wrote down from PSX Download Helper. Port is always 8080.

  • Click on Next. Don’t test Internet Connection yet!

This step makes sure that your laptop and PS4 are communicating through that specific IP address.

Setting up Using PSX Downloader Helper

  • Remember PSX Download Helper is open. Click on the Big White button.
  • Go to the 5th tab which is Settings.

  • Find the sliding menu and select English.
  • Restart app! Language changes to English,  Simple.
  • When PSX download helper opens, Click on Start and Test your Internet Connection.

Capture PS4 Game Download Link from Sony Servers

  • How will I get the download link for the PS4 Game or Game update file? It’s simple. All you need to do is;
    1. Start the download on your PS4 console
    2. PSX Download Helper app automatically grabs that link
    3. Click on copy
    4. Move on to PSX Link Generator tool.

Using PSX Link Generator to get direct download links

Very easy to use software, Just follow these 5 steps and you are ready.

  • Open PSX Link Generator
  • Paste the link

  • Generate Links

  • Add all to IDM.
  •  Go to Internet Download Manager and start the downloads.

Capture Download Link with IDM

  • Link captured and added to IDM queue. Start downloading to your PS4 Game with IDM. Remember it’s 4GB per size.

Download Complete, Start the Transfer

  • After few hours to days of downloading, it becomes complete and it’s time to transfer the PS4 game you downloaded on your laptop back to your PS4 console. This step is also very easy.
  • Create a folder named the title of the PS4 game you downloaded or updated. Copy all the PS4 game part into that folder

Download PS4 Games

  • Go to PSX download helper settings tab.
  • Click on Folder, Select the folder where you saved your downloaded PS4 Game then Apply your settings.
  • Start the download in your PS4 console and watch closely how fast it downloads. Also, take note of PSX app and the activities running.

PSX download helper

In Conclusion

I transferred 20GB in less than 5 minutes Using PSX Downloader. With this method now, I can order for PS4 digital games, download on my laptop using IDM, transfer the downloaded PS4 game data from my laptop to PS4 and that’s it.

Thank you for reading my article, please leave a comment below if my article helped you in some way and also if you like me to write on a particular topic. Leave a comment below.

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