web scraping tools free
web scraping tools free

The Best Free Web Scraping Tools to use online in 2020

The best Free Web Scraping Tools will turn the stressful processing of fetching data from a website to a simple customizable process that makes the entire process simple.

What is web scraping?

Web scraping is simply a technique to fetch data from a website. As the amount of information on the Internet is increasing substantially in this digital age, web scraping came as the response to these needs, gaining popularity lately among the industry leaders.

web scraping tools free
web scraping tools free

What are web scraping Tools used for?

There is a wide variety of uses of Web Scraping and each business and individual has their own needs when using it. Here are some common applications of web scraping:

1. For reputation and brand monitoring: In this field, free web scraping is used to actively build brand intelligence and monitor brand perceptions. It could scrape the data that would help to understand how customers feel about a service or product.

2. For competitor analysis: Web scraping can help you obtain useful information about any changes in products, services, or pricing models of your competitors. It would extract competitor data, customer sentiment, etc. In a structured, usable format.

3. For financial data analysis: Web scraping would get a financial statement into a usable format and analyze the same data for insights.

4. For building a price comparison website: Web scraping would help to collect prices, product descriptions, and images or get the data for analytics, affiliation, or comparison.

5. For SEO monitoring: Web scraping would help to understand how content moves in rankings over time. By analyzing the result, you can choose the best title tags and hone on the best keywords and content for attracting new business.

6. For lead generation: Web scraping would help you to find potential customers that you could profit from by gathering contact details like email id, phone numbers.

A web crawler, also known as web spider, or automatic indexer is an internet bot. It would crawl through different targets and look for two things: data and more targets to crawl following the available links. Web crawling is basically similar to what search engines do and it would download all the content of the website. Web crawling is not injurious.

Web scraping is more focused and it would download part of the content of the website that is needed. Web scraping can be harmful in some ways.

Now, you know the basics of web scraping, so you may wonder that what is the best web scraper for you. And I would say that it depends. The web scraper that works best for you hinges on your needs. Here are some highly recommended web scraping tools for you:

Free Web Scraping Tools to use online:

1) Scraper API, A Free Web Scraping Tools

Scraper API tool helps you to manage proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs. This allows you to get the HTML from any web page with a simple API call. It is easy to integrate as you just need to send a GET request to API endpoint with your API key and URL.


  • Helps you to render JavaScript
  • It allows you to customize the headers of each request as well as the request type
  • The tool offers unparalleled speed and reliability which allows building scalable web scrapers
  • Geolocated Rotating Proxies Use coupon code “Guru” to get 10% OFF

2) X-tract.io, Web Scraping Tools Free

X-tract.io is a scalable data extraction platform that can be customized to scrape and structure web data, social media posts, PDFs, text documents, historical data, even emails into a consumable business-ready format.


  • Scrape specific information like product catalog information, financial information, lease data, location data, company and contact details, job postings, reviews, and ratings, with our tailored data extraction solutions that help you.
  • Seamlessly integrate enriched and cleansed data directly into your business applications with powerful APIs.
  • Automate the entire data extraction process with pre-configured workflows.
  • Get high-quality data validated against pre-built business rules with rigorous data quality.
  • Export data in the desired format like JSON, text file, HTML, CSV, TSV, etc.
  • Bypass CAPTCHA issues rotating proxies to extract real-time data with ease.

3) Scrapinghub Web Scraping Tools Free

Scrapinghub is a hassle-free cloud base data extraction tool that helps companies to fetch valuable data. The tool allows you to store data in the high-ability database.


  • Allows you to converts the entire web page into organized content
  • Helps you to deploy crawlers and scale them on demand without the need to care about servers, monitoring or backups
  • Supports bypassing bot counter-measures to crawl large or bot-protected sites

4) Octoparse, A Free Web Scraping Tools

It is a great tool for people who want to fetch data from a website without coding. It would turn web pages into a structured spreadsheet within a few clicks.

Octoparse is another useful web scraping tool that is easy to configure. The point and click user interface allow you to teach the scraper how to navigate and extract fields from a website.


  • Ad Blocking technique feature helps you to extract data from Ad-heavy pages
  • The tool provides support to mimics a human user while visiting and scraping data from the specific websites
  • Octoparse allows you to run your extraction on the cloud and your local machine
  • Allows you to export all types of scraped data in TXT, HTML CSV, or Excel formats

5) Import.io

This web scraping tool helps you to form your datasets by importing the data from a specific web page and exporting the data to CSV. It allows you to Integrate data into applications using APIs and webhooks.


  • Easy interaction with webforms/logins
  • Schedule data extraction
  • You can store and access data by using Import.io cloud
  • Gain insights with reports, charts, and visualizations
  • Automate web interaction and workflows

6) Webhose.io Web Scraping Tools

Webhose.io provides direct access to structured and real-time data to crawling thousands of websites. It allows you to access historical feeds covering over ten years’ worth of data.


  • Get structured, machine-readable datasets in JSON and XML formats
  • Helps you to access a massive repository of data feeds without paying any extra fees
  • An advanced filter allows you to conduct granular analyze and datasets you want to feed

7) Dexi Intelligent

Dexi intelligence is a web scraping tool that allows you to transform unlimited web data into immediate business value. This web scraping tool enables you to cut costs and saves precious time for your organization.


  • Increased efficiency, accuracy and quality
  • Ultimate scale and speed for data intelligence
  • Fast, efficient data extraction
  • High scale knowledge capture

8) Outwit

It is a Firefox extension that can be easily downloaded from the Firefox add-ons store. You will get three distinct options according to your requirement to buy this product. 1.Pro edition, 2.Expert edition, and 3.Enterpsie edition.


  • Allows you to grab contacts from the web and email source simply
  • No programming skill is needed to exact data from sites using Outwit hub
  • With just single click on the exploration button, you can launch the scraping on hundreds of web pages

9) PareseHub

It is also a powerful tool for building web scrapers without coding. It can be downloaded by free.

ParseHub is a free web scraping tool. This advanced web scraper allows extracting data is as easy as clicking the data you need. It allows you to download your scraped data in any format for analysis.


  • Clean text & HTML before downloading data
  • The easy to use graphical interface
  • Helps you to collect and store data on servers automatically


It is a web scraping library for Python developers. It is fast, powerful, and free to download.

11)Diffbot Free Web Scraping Tools to use online: 

It provides APIs to extract and understand objects using Al, computer vision to extract data from a website.

12) Cheerio:

It implements a subset of core jQuery. It is fast, flexible, and designed specifically for the server.

13) Mozenda:

It allows enterprise customers to run web scrapers on their robust cloud platform. It’s famous for its multi-tasking.

14) WINTR Free Web Scraping Tools to use online:

It is a web scraping and parsing service, its APIs allows business and developers to turn any webpage into a custom dataset. It offers many services such as data scraping, data parsing, requests proxying, and request customization. It is a comprehensive tool to help your web scraping become as easy as pie.

Web scraping tools are exceptionally evolved programming for removing helpful data from the sites. These devices are useful for any individual who is hoping to gather some type of information from the Internet.

Here, is a curated rundown of the top Free Web Scraping Tools, web scraping tools open source, web scraping tools python, web scraping tools online?  This rundown incorporates business just as open-source apparatuses with well-known highlights and most recent download connect.


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