Download Dragon Ball Z Mod: Dokkan Battle Apk Unlocked

For gamers who enjoy role-playing games, the unlocked version of Dragon Ball Z Mod: Dokkan Battle is available for download here (RPGs). You can get it for your Android or iOS device and compete for up to three titles. To give you an advantage, this unlocked version comes with unlimited health and money.

Dragon Ball Z is a game that provides a narrative experience. It is a game in which your choices have a significant impact on the game, with incredible animated fighting scenes.

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle differs from other RPGs in that it allows you to mix and match your favorite villains and heroes, which is awesome! Your ideal team consists of a mix of heroes and villains.

Download Dragon Ball Z Mod: Dokkan Battle Apk Unlocked
Download Dragon Ball Z Mod: Dokkan Battle Apk Unlocked

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a free-to-play offline game. Three titles are on the line in this match. Developer Bandai Namco Entertainment has made it available for download on iOS and Google Play.

Someone in the shadows is threatening to distort the dimension of the Dragon Ball Z universe. The game pairs you with Trunks as you navigate obstacles and missions to figure out who is causing all the fuss.

How to play Dragon Ball Z Mod Apk

To play Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, you are given a task to build your “battle deck,” which can be menial if you’re lucky. This is where things start to get interesting. The “battle deck” is made up of “cards” that represent different Dragon Ball Z characters. This way, you prepare your team for the incredible adventures that await.

After that, the game walks you through paths, occasionally pitting you against a supervillain like Raditz, Cell, or Frieza.

Every level in the game is laid out like a game board. Each level introduces some uncertainty: you could walk right into traps. Other times, you might walk into a different location with power-ups or items lined up on the streets to help your fighter deck become stronger or faster.

However, the red spots on each level are where the action meets the player, such as water bursting out of a rock. This is where the real battle takes place. You now have a variety of elements to choose from. Each element has its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

When you are locked in a duel with another player, you are placed in match-3 tiles. You notice glowing balls on your device’s screen. Each ball represents one of the five “Ki” that the characters in your deck prefer.

Download Dragon Ball Z Mod: Dokkan Battle Apk Unlocked
Download Dragon Ball Z Mod: Dokkan Battle Apk Unlocked

Tap on the “Ki,” or glowing sphere between you and the foe, to charge up your character. If you have the same color of tightly strung sphere as your opponent, you can cause devastating damage.

Even better, when your “Ki” is the same color as your character, the effects of your opponent’s thrown fists and quick thrusts are greatly reduced.

However, as with any popular app store game, this one includes in-app purchases and some annoying ads. To advance further in this game, you may have to make purchases, because it bites your skin so hard when you can’t unlock some levels in the game or you die suddenly after making so much progress.

Features of Dragon Ball Z Mod Apk

But don’t stress yourself out. We’ve included a MOD APK of the DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE game with the God Mode feature enabled.

  • This MOD Apk includes unlimited health and an unlocked mode (without in-app purchases).
  • It also includes an unlimited number of coins. You can spend your money on whatever type of power you want.
  • This MOD Apk also includes unlimited Dragon Stones! And, contrary to popular belief, you do not require root access to play Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. There will be no rooting!

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Game Information

  • Name: Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle
  • Latest Version: 2022
  • Game Size: 46.13mb
  • Developer: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Downloads: 2,000,000+
  • Rating: 4/5

Download Dragon Ball Z Mod Apk

Download for Android


Download for iPhone

How to Install Dragon Ball Z for Android

To install this game on your device, follow the steps outlined below.


Remove any previous or current versions of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle from your device.


Enable installation from “Unknown sources” on your device by going to “Settings.” Scroll down and select “Security.” Next, swipe up to find “Unknown sources,” then toggle to the right to enable if your Android device does not already have it enabled. If enabled, you are ready to go.


Now, from the link provided, download Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle for Android or iOS devices.


Locate and install the downloaded game in your device’s download folder.


Once installed, locate the installed apk on your app menu and tap to launch and enjoy Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Mod with unlimited lives, coins, attacks, powers, health, and much more.

That’s all there is to Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle for Android and iOS.

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