How Long it Take to Become a Teacher / What Degree Do You Need?

Your Options for a Teaching Degree: Depending on how much experience you have and the kind of teacher you want to be, you have a few options for the degrees or certifications you need to get in order to become one.

No matter what, you should always verify the accreditation of the college or university you are considering. Employers may not think about hiring you if they aren’t.

Costs should also be considered so that you don’t end up drowning in debt from student loans. Research program fees, submit scholarship applications, and check if you qualify for financial aid.

Reach out to previous graduates of any schools you become interested in to hear their opinions. This might assist in focusing your search for the ideal program and determining whether it will work for you.

Now let’s explore your possibilities!

1. Bachelor’s Degree

This is the first stage in becoming a certified teacher if you don’t already have a bachelor’s degree. At the absolute least, teachers in all public schools must hold a bachelor’s degree.

If you wish to work as a teacher in a preschool or elementary school, for instance, many universities and institutions offer bachelor’s degrees in education. These degrees also come with more specialized programs like early childhood education.

Depending on the teaching path you choose to take, there are numerous alternatives and programs available.

It’s an excellent idea to minor in your area of passion if you want to teach a certain subject, like physics, history, or the arts. In this manner, you will be very well prepared and qualified to impart the necessary knowledge to your future students.

However, it’s possible that you already hold a bachelor’s degree in a discipline unrelated to education. Your chances of becoming a teacher aren’t ended just yet. You can apply for a master’s program in education using your bachelor’s degree.

 2. Master’s Degree

A master’s degree is something you might want to think about if you want to teach high school or college students. Even if some colleges don’t mandate it, having it will offer you an advantage in the job market and provide you with a wealth of new prospects.

Since you are better qualified with a master’s in education, you will also earn more money. The exact amount you can earn extra depends on where you reside. Having said that, a teacher with a master’s degree can anticipate earning an average of $7,358 more annually than a teacher with only a bachelor’s degree throughout the height of their career. Now double that amount by the potential number of years you will be teaching. You can see how having a master’s degree in education becomes extremely advantageous if you want to optimize your earning potential.

There are numerous alternatives available if you want to pursue a Master of Education. You could enroll in a full-time program to finish your education as quickly as feasible. While teaching throughout the day, many teachers also study part-time, which is a terrific option to maintain revenue.

If you have a busy schedule that you can’t put on hold, this option is great for you. You can even earn your master’s degree entirely online. The most flexibility is provided through online learning, which enables you to continue working or taking care of your family while you pursue your master’s.

Consider applying to the University of the People’s Master of Education in Advanced Teaching program if the hefty cost of earning a master’s degree has been keeping you from pursuing one. Tuition-free, totally online program with IB accreditation. If you’re particularly ambitious, you can choose to concentrate in both secondary education and elementary/middle school education.

You can work at practically any private school in the world with its IB accreditation! Anyone who wishes to advance their teaching abilities and give their kids the best possible learning environment should take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. Additionally, the expenditures will be substantially lower than those of a conventional on-campus university because there is no tuition.

What is the Time Frame for Becoming a Teacher?

As you can see, a number of factors will affect how long it takes to become a teacher. Do you intend to enroll in a degree program full-time or part-time, to begin with? Will you continue your study to acquire a master’s degree or will you opt to seek a bachelor’s degree and certification?

Having said that, it typically takes 4-5 years to earn a bachelor’s degree and obtain a teaching license in order to become a teacher. A Master’s in Education would increase the time frame to closer to 5-7 years. Once more, these figures will change depending on your enrollment preferences, the grade you want to teach, and the location you want to teach. For instance, in several American jurisdictions, teaching requires a master’s degree or ongoing licensure.

Make sure you conduct appropriate research to learn about the degree you’ll need to achieve precisely to ensure that you meet the standards to teach in your state or country.

Alternative Routes to a Career as a Teacher

There are alternatives that can help you become a teacher if returning to school seems too difficult for you; but, you won’t be as qualified for as many positions available.

For those looking to work as teachers in high-need locales, Teach For America offers training. A bachelor’s degree in any subject is all that is required. After completing a summer training intensive, if you are accepted into the program, TFA will assist you in locating a teaching position in one of their 51 regions across America, from New York City to Hawaii.

Teach For All, which trains and places educators in schools all around the world and operates in 48 countries, is another option if you don’t reside in the US. Check this list to determine if your nation is included.

TEFL, or “Teaching English as a Foreign Language,” certification is available for those who are interested in working overseas. There are several programs available, so do your homework before choosing one. You can earn a TEFL certification either at an in-person training program or online. One well-known online program is TEFL Online, which has a member-only employment board and offers assistance with job placement.

A Conclusion

As you can see, there are numerous options for becoming a licensed teacher. What kind of teacher you want to be and how much time you want to devote to your teaching education will determine your future course.

Whatever route you take, you will be well on your way to being a fantastic educator who will have a significant impact on the lives of many others. Good luck with your admirable quest!

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