Free Amazon Gift Card 2020: 15 Proven Ways to Redeem (Up to $100)

Are you looking for a way to get Amazon gift cards or voucher redeem codes for free? You can consider yourself lucky then! Today we are going to take a look around all the things you can do to get free Amazon gift card this month. If you are patient and don’t care about going on a long trip through sites and apps that give you free Amazon gift cards, you can manage to win around $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 easily, and it’s all free.Amazon gift cards or voucher redeem codes for free

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Especially from the world’s largest shopping store like Amazon where you can find literally everything that exists under the sun from a small needle to a giant pool table. I bet, you are a fan of Amazon gift card and that’s the reason why you ended up on this page. Surely you will get to meet your desired Gift card from Amazon. Just read out the next part carefully before going through the 15 awesome and proven ways to score free Amazon gift card.

Normally, to get Amazon gift cards, you should have to buy them using real money from the Amazon website itself, using other online stores, or from supermarkets within America. But why should you buy gift cards using your money if you can get them for free?


There are certain apps and websites available on the web that will help you earn gift cards for Amazon. In this article, we are going to talk about the Top 15 Best ways to earn free Amazon gift cards in 2020. This list is mainly composed of freebie apps and websites that have a good reputation among its peers and users, so you can trust them.Best ways to Score free Amazon Gift Card codes: (Up to $50-$100)

15 Best ways to Score free Amazon Gift Card codes: (Up to $50-$100)

1. InstaGC Gift Card

How do you spend your free time? Surely by watching Netflix, YouTube or by playing games, right? What if I say you can get free Amazon gift card by doing pretty much the same thing. Yah! InstaGC is the site where you can score free Amazon gift card code just by doing simple tasks like watching videos, completing surveys, shopping online, searching on the web etc.

2. Prize Rebel Gift Card

This is another popular online survey site with more than 7 million members and paid over 12 million as a form of the gift card. Amazon gift card is one of the most used redeem option of Prize Rebel.

3. iRazoo Gift Card

iRazoo is pretty much the same as above mentioned sites where you can score free Amazon gift cards just by playing online games, watching videos, downloading apps, completing surveys and mini offers. It has been featured by CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo etc. and paid over 9 million to its users.

4. My Points Gift Card

My points offer pretty much the same thing as iRazoo. However, you can also redeem your points as Amazon coupon code along with Amazon gift cards.

5. Amazon Trade-In Gift Card

After going through several third parties free Amazon gift card claiming techniques here is the deal directly from Amazon itself. Through this service, you can convert your old and used items into Amazon gift card codes. Although this is not 100% free it’s better to have the cash gift card in exchange for old and used items.

6. Coin Star Gift Card

Coins are pretty irritating to some person due to being heavy compared to paper money and usually get lost of our hand. What about turning your coins into Amazon gift card? Yah, Coin Star can exactly do that for you.

7. Viggle​ Gift Card

Viggle is simply an entertaining app that will pay you to be entertained. Yah you heard right! at the same time, this app will entertain you by showing serials and TV shows as well as reward you with Amazon gift card. Seems unbelievable? Try it yourself.

8. Feature Points Gift Card

Feature Points is an incredible app that will pay yours through many ways including Amazon gift card cash just for completing simple tasks like downloading mobile apps, completing surveys and so more.

9. Gift Wallet Gift Card

Over 1 million people can’t be wrong! Yah this Gift Wallet app has over a million users who are redeeming free Amazon gift cards by playing games, downloading apps, completing simple tasks and so more on their device.

10. Gift Card Granny Gift Card

Gift Card Granny is pretty different from all above, although you can’t get totally free Amazon gift card from here you could find some amazing discount deals on Amazon gift cards which may rise up to 30% of the value of gift card.

Free Amazon Gift Card Instantly

11. App Nana Gift Card

App Nana is another competitor of above 2 apps but it has an insane amount of users which is over 10 million.

12. Cash for Apps Gift Card

Pretty Simple! Over 5 million people are enjoying Amazon gift card codes every single day just by trying out new apps through Cash for Apps platform.

13. Juno Wallet Gift Card

Another app that pays for watching videos, playing games and completing mini tasks.

14. App Karma​ Gift Card

Download, Play and Win! These are the 3 magic words when it comes to App Karma.

15. Cash Gift, Gift Card

Cash Gift is a similar app like Gift Wallet where users are free to do mini tasked to score Amazon gift card codes.

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Choose your own best way to claim free Amazon gift card code and start buying your needed or desired kinds of stuff from Amazon. At least from now, you can say, Amazon doesn’t require money to in-exchange of pieces of stuff, one’s time can be exchanged by Amazon store’s product. I will be glad to hear about your experience and surely don’t hesitate to ask your questions if you have. My comment section is always open for you!

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